A Beacon for Change

Helping You Cross the Bridge to the Real You 


Sparkling, Shining Beings

I am thrilled that you have come to, what I like to call, my home away from home. I've spent many long weeks and months putting together a place that I hope will make you feel welcome and stress-free and intrigued. 

I am a spiritual and holistic counselor, an intuitive, a card reader, an Angel Therapist, an Akashic Record reader, and a few other things. I have been doing this work, to some degree, since I was sixteen, and after simultaneously doing this while building my accounting business, I realized it was time to bring this part of my life to the forefront. It's what I love the most and what I do best.

I am not a believer in coincidence, and so I believe there is a reason you are here at this place at this time. There could be several different reasons for it, but there is still a reason. 

Using a variety of techniques and protocols, I can help guide you to be the person you want to be--more calm, enlightened, confident, and knowledgeable. You can go in any direction you wish. It's your free will and your choice and I will be your guide no matter which path you choose.

The changes will not come about overnight, just as most other things in your life, but when you see the progress you make, step by step, you will be hooked on continuing along your selected journey.

So, select a tab and begin the tour of my place. There are a lot of different things here, even ideas for projects or events you can do with your family that will be fun as well as strengthening your bond. There is some valuable information, a few blog posts and even a few jokes. 

Enjoy your trip and if you have any questions, just hop over to the Contact page and send me a message.