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You're Enough...And a Phrase You Should Never Say

Posted on August 24, 2015 at 2:20 PM


I think of all the things that hold us back, the thought that we are not enough is one of the worst. We aren't good enough, we aren't smart enough, we are not worthy, etc. We will believe others are enough before we will allow for the fact that we are. I've had people say to me, "I know that what you do works, and I truly believe that, but 'I don't have what it takes to do it" ' or I don't think it will work for me."

I've gone through similar phases and I totally understand how easy it is to let that feeling and belief take hold of us. But what makes us have that thought in the first place?

Many times it comes from our parents. I believe most parents are well-intentioned, but they sometimes can say the very thing that can damage a child the most, such as telling them they will never amount to anything, or asking them why they can't be like some kid down the street, or even telling them how stupid they were for doing something wrong. And chances are if they say it once, they will say it more than once, and over time a child will believe it. After all, why would mom or dad keep saying that if it weren't true?

Our peers can sometimes resent us for being better at something than they are and will try to put us down, and that happens not only in childhood but in adulthood, as well. If the needle on our self-esteem meter is approaching "E", then it won't take much of that to take it all the way down.

Our bosses are another cause of our skewed thinking. I remember more than one boss who made it their life's work to eliminate as much of our self-esteem as possible.

So, it seems we have to go through life wearing a suit of emotional armor in order to survive. That is the case, in a roundabout way. Not so much armor, but boundaries, clear thinking, eliminating incorrect beliefs, etc. which will strengthen our aura and keep us healthy and happy.

We need to understand that every single one of us on this planet are here for a definite reason, and we all contain a spark of the Divine that is our spirit, and we are born with beauty and love, having everything we need to succeed in the world. No one is any greater than anyone else. We each have unique individual talents and abilities and if we do the best we can to be the best person we can using those talents and abilities, we will be doing what we were intended to do, and we will succeed and be self-assured and content.

I'm not saying that there won't be hiccups and problems in our lives, but I will say that if we are content with who we are and if we realize our value, the going will be much smoother. Trying to be someone else is like a bear trying to be a hawk . It just won't work, and the best we could hope for is to be a cheap imitation of our idol. We have to be ourselves, and to be the best self we can--after all, it's really not possible to be anyone else.

You are a magnificent part of the Creator, and I hope you will come to truly understand that, if you don't already. It's key!!


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