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Energy Medicine--What Is It?

Posted on October 1, 2015 at 11:45 AM

We are living in the midst of a revolution in medicine. Dramatic changes are occurring all around us, because people have started to realize that conventional allopathic medicine does not have all the answers to our physical problems. We see people embracing the holistic approach more and more as they start to understand that as humans, we are not just a physical body, that unless the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies are also treated, true healing does not occur. We hear with increased frequency about something called energy medicine or energy healing, but most people have no idea what that really is. Is it the same as spiritual healing? How does it differ from laying on of hands?

The human body is a latticework of energy lines and centers that have much to do with our health and well-being. Many people have known about these centers for centuries, but now, more and more people are opening up to the truth of their existence and that knowledge is becoming more mainstream. We now are able to photograph the aura, the electromagnetic field that surrounds and penetrates the body, and also the major energy centers. For numerous reasons, these centers can become blocked and out of alignment; energy medicine helps remove the blocks and restore balance to the body, bringing harmony to all aspects of ourselves.

Energy medicine is safe, natural, and inexpensive. We all have the power to cultivate the capacity to weave these energies—we just need to realize it. We instinctively do this all the time, but we may not realize what we are actually doing. Do you massage your temples when you have a headache? Do you cover a child’s scraped knee with your hand, then kiss it and make it better? These are all ways we attempt to use energy medicine in our daily lives, because somewhere down deep in ourselves, we KNOW it works.

There are those who still reject the notion that there is anything beyond our five senses, but even those folks cannot deny it when they experience it first-hand. Several years ago, a lady called me saying that she had been having the worst migraine she had ever had and that she had been told by a friend that possibly I could help. Her husband, however, was stubbornly telling her that energy medicine was quackery, and that she was not to see me, but the pain was so great that she was willing to risk her husband’s ire, and asked that I come anyway.

After I arrived at her home, I asked her to sit in a comfortable chair and began to sense the energy around her. There was an almost palpable tightness on one side of her head. I asked her husband to come into the room and had him place his hands in the area of the tightness, and do a motion that would help to draw out the pain. To his shock and amazement, he said he could actually feel something pushing against his hands. Within ten or fifteen minutes the wife’s pain had subsided, and she expressed a desire to get some much-needed sleep. That was the last time he ever said anything about my treatments, and in fact, a few months later he called to ask if I could come to their home to help him recover from an accident he had had at work the week before. The doctors did not know the extent of the nerve damage or whether it would be permanent. What a joy it was to hear this man open up to new ways of doing things!

People always want to know if the treatments work immediately, and the answer is no. Sometimes they are very quick, but many times it may take weeks or months, depending on the problem and how long they have had it, or how serious the condition is. For example, on average, treating a headache would take less time to work than chronic back pain. But almost everyone feels some relief after one session.

And to answer the two questions in the first paragraph, energy healing, spiritual healing, and laying on of hands all work with the energy in and around the body, but the methods will vary from one to the other, and from one practitioner to the other. Some may pray, some will place their hands on the body while others will hold their hands slightly above the body. You may hear terms such as Reiki or Pranic Healing, and these refer to various techniques of energy healing.

In my opinion, the most dramatic use of subtle energies in healing comes from those persons who have the ability to make medical diagnoses from a distance. In research performed by neurosurgeon C. Norman Shealy, medical intuitive Caroline Myss, without any patient contact, was able to match Dr. Shealy’s diagnosis with 93% accuracy by only being given the name of the patient. Her statements were specific, also, such as “left testicle malignant, spread to left kidney” or “schizophrenia”.

Energy medicine is an exciting field and one that will be growing day by day. Whether you are experiencing an illness or dis-ease, or just want to maintain the health you have, let energy medicine operate alongside traditional medical care. The blending of both is truly dynamite.▲


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