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Helping You Cross the Bridge to the Real You 

Gratitude Tree

A gratitude journal is a great way to focus on the little blessings in your life, but  how about doing a gratitude tree? Either find something in a store that can be used as a tree, or just take a trek into the woods and pick up some fallen twigs and limbs and make your own. 

Then get some construction paper, preferably, and using a template, cut out some circles or squares and then punch a hole in the top and thread some yarn through it so that it can be hung from the tree. If you don't already have the construction paper or yarn, going to the store to get them can be the beginning of your journey into gratitude and can become a family affair. 

Every day, either individually or as a family, decide what you are grateful for that day. Maybe everyone in the family could have their own tree and do this. Write your daily choice on the piece of construction paper and hang it from the tree. Place the tree where it will be seen so that it will be a constant reminder of how you have changed your perspective on life. 

Being grateful for what you have will allow more things to be grateful for to come into your life, and remember, what we focus on tends to increase. What will you be focusing on? 

Common Wisdoms

Call on Your Angels

Your personal angels and the Archangels are all ready and waiting for you to call on them when you need assistance and also when you just want to talk to them about anything at all. That is their job and they will help if you ask, and in fact, they love doing it. But because of your free will, you do need to ask. In regards to Archangels, they are similar to God in that each one can deal with many things at the same time, so it's possible for them to help many people simultaneously. Form a relationship with your angels and come to know the joy and contentment you will receive.

Our True Birthright

If you ever wondered how we are supposed to be as humans and what we are supposed to do, just look at a toddler. We come into this world with everything we need to perform whatever our mission is in this lifetime--a heart that loves and a brain that thinks. Watch a toddler as he goes about his day and you will see that he is nothing but love and forgiveness and laughter. He won't hold a grudge and everything is a wonder to his inexperienced eyes. That, dear ones, is what we were intended to be, but as time marches on, people and things change us. At some point in life, we realize we are not happy and then we spend the rest of our lives trying to find what will make us happy, not realizing the answer was inside us all along.Try to recapture some of that wonder as you see the world and the people around you. Appreciate how incredible it all is.

Know that love is paramount, as well as forgiveness of both yourself and others. Also, develop a beautiful sense of humor if it is lacking. It is a gift from God, also. And always remember two things: (1) nothing that can be purchased with money will TRULY make you happy, and (2) you should never sweat the small stuff, and it's ALL small stuff. In the ultimate scheme of things, how important will be the things you will argue and fight over? Is it really worth hurting someone you love over it? The answer will always be "no."

I'm not saying there won't be rough spots in the road of life, or that things will always go your way if your just keep smiling, but I am saying that you will find the peace inside yourself that you have been searching for if you realize what is really important, and appreciate the little things in life.

One Stitch at a Time

Whenever we experience a tear in the fabric of our lives, we can think of it as a tear in a piece of cloth. It’s a perfect analogy. No  matter the size of the tear, all we can really do is to repair it one stitch at a time. Whether you start at one end or the other, or even in the middle, that one stitch will help to begin the repair process. Standing back from the tear and lamenting that it is so bad it can never truly be repaired will keep us from ever making any progress at all.

Even if the fabric is in a dreadful state of disrepair, the only way to mend it is to take it a stitch at a time. Depending on how bad is the tear and our expertise at sewing, it may take a very short or a very long time to fix the whole thing, but as long as we keep at it, it WILL be mended, and with every stitch, the progress we see will help our desire to continue.


Ideas for Fun Family Activities

1. Get out the camera and take the goofiest photos you can think come up with of each family member. They will make a great addition to a family photo album, and will bring out a laugh from everyone who sees them. 

2. Plan a formal dinner at home. Wear you best outfits, have only fancy things on the menu, and don't forget to only speak in your best British accent. Lay it on thick and you will have a blast.


3. Write a story. Each family member can contribute what they wish, even if it doesn't seem to fit with the ideas of others. Decide if it will be a fairy tale, a mystery story, or a comedy. It will be one of the most fun things you can do.

4. Take a night and make it Bake Night.  It could be a pizza or cookies or cupcakes decorated in other than an traditional way. Maybe everyone could help make a lasagna. Then enjoy your creation while watching a great movie. 

5. I bet your mailbox could use a little sprucing up. As a group, decide what your "new" mailbox should look like and what colors will be involved. Will it be striped or have stars on it? Will it have flowers at the base or will the post resemble an old-fashioned barber pole? 

6. Set aside one evening or day periodically to volunteer as a family. Pick a charity that can use the services of all the family members, so all can understand the beauty of giving back.

7. Dance. Put on a dance video, or some great dance music, push back the coffee table and show everyone your best steps. Maybe you could even come up with your own dance routine that you could perform for others at some point. 

8. Remember the fun of a playground when you were a kid? Take the family out and get on the swings, the slide, and whatever is available. And don't forget to stop for ice cream on the way home. 

9. Learn a language together. Wouldn't it be cool if the family could begin speaking French to each other within a few months?

10. Make a time capsule. 

11. Go camping. Everything from the planning, to the gathering of the must-have items to take, to setting up the tent can be very exciting. Get some guidebooks for flowers or birds and see how many you can identify. And don't forget the campfire at night and the s'mores. 

12. Check with local craft stores and find what types of classes they offer, and let everyone take the class of their choice. Display the finished projects prominently in the home, and take pride in what you learned to do.


Affirmations for Becoming the Best You 

In All Areas of Your Life

Health -- My body is in perfect health and I have all the energy I need, and it only gets better with each day.  I thank the Universe for my perfect health, which radiates out to all those around me. I am a perfect example of a healthy human being, and I maintain my health with ease and grace. 

Abundance -- I am becoming more prosperous every day, and it comes to me easily. I let go of all resistance to money, and I am thankful for my prosperity and happiness.

Love -- I have a lovely, open heart and I radiate love to all those around me. I deserve love and in all my relationships I am surrounded by love. Every day, love grows in my life and I thank spirit for helping to make it so. 

Self-Confidence -- I am creative, energetic, and a beautiful person. I am able to face difficult times with peace, knowing I can always figure out the best road to take in any situation. I love who I've become and look forward to each day of my life with enthusiasm. 

Forgiving Others --  I understand that everyone is doing the best they know how to do right now, and so I forgive them for anything I feel they have done to hurt me in any way. I am learning to establish better boundaries so that those who are in my life at there for my highest good.

Forgiving Myself -- I am a perfect spark of the Creator, and I was born with all I need to succeed and be happy. I love who I am and I no longer hold on to any negative feelings about anything in my past, and I am moving into the future with a peaceful heart.  

Happiness -- I am happy, content, and I feel very blessed. I see the world through the eyes of joy, and I feel energized. I wake each morning eager to see what the day will bring, knowing whatever it is will be for my highest good. 

Weight Loss -- Every day I am becoming more slim and fit, and I am feeling much better. I love how I feel now, and it is easy to eat the right foods for me, and to exercise in the right amounts to achieve my desired weight. I am feeling better than I thought I would and I thank God for helping to make this an easy thing to do.  

Motivation -- I am full of energy and am motivated to go for whatever I want. I know I CAN do it, and I will do it!! I am enthused about my life and I am creating it exactly as I want it to be. I take advantage of all opportunities that I feel are for my highest good, and face all challenges head on. YES, I CAN DO IT, no matter what it is! 

Spirituality -- I am one with Spirit, and I know that everything in my life is for my highest good. I am a divine expression of Spirit and I see and feel the love of God working through me every moment of the day. I am open to receiving signs and signals from Spirit, and I am grateful for all I have received and continue to receive.