A Beacon for Change

Helping You Cross the Bridge to the Real You 

Feeling Grateful and Humbled 
by These Lovely Words

"Thank you so much. You were right about everything, and you nailed the past life information, too! I will certainly be reflecting more on this. "

- Roxann Hickey

"I didn't have any idea what an Akashic Record reading was until our first phone conversation, but I was intrigued, and I am so glad I had you do one for me. Knowing my life lessons and getting info on my spirit guides, among the other things, was amazing." 

- Aaron Levinson

"Oh Catherine, I love it. You did an amazing job."

- Marion Kluge

"You have touched me, and I feel like my life has a purpose now. You have helped me so much, and thank you!!"

- Denise Hickey

"What you wrote almost took my breath. Amazing stuff, and you are incredibly gifted and very tuned in, to say the least. Much love and appreciation. "

- Janice Bly


"Your reading resonated with me in so many areas, Catherine, I really loved this reading, and thank you very much. I loved the format of the reading, especially the little cloud over the 'one more thing' message."

- Joanne Nash


"Catherine Adams is one of the most dead-on, no-nonsense psychics I have ever encountered and dealt with. She is a very loving, compassionate person who cares about her work and the people she works with. She is a very hard worker and puts 1000% of herself in every reading she does, always giving that little bit extra.

She has a divine drive and passion for the work she does. She has helped me make many positive changes in my life--for example, she helped me get rid of a chronic pain condition which I had for a long time, and as of this writing, it has been over 2 months since I have taken any pain meds at all.  It is soooo liberating and feels so very good. "

- Patrick Jean-Charles Morissette

"Amazing...everything you said is exactly right. Joy, joy, joy. Thank you, love. "

- Sheri Bennett

"Okay, where do I start in talking about Catherine Adams. When I started working with Catherine, I was a lost soul, binge drinking way too much and not liking myself for all that I had done. During our talk one night I could tell she was truly concerned for me, and she very lovingly pointed out some of what I was doing. There was no judgment, no pointing fingers or blaming me, just things she was calling to my attention. I thought about what she said over the next few days and it made me realize I was becoming my father and that like him, my drinking habits were consuming me. She just wanted to help and she was doing it in such a caring way that I listened and didn't get defensive. I wanted her to be proud of me, so a few days later I gave up the alcohol and felt like a million, and I was starting to like myself again.

For years, I had the idea that I had done something horrible in a past life, although I'm not exactly sure why I thought that, but after she took me back to the past life that I was hating myself for, I found out that I had been wrong and that I had actually done right by the men under my command during  battle, and it touched me very deeply and made me so relieved and happy that the tears began to flow. I found out also why I keep pushing good things away in my life like great opportunities. 

Another major change in my life came after several conversations about animals. She is quite an animal lover and what she said about loving them and how they are on the planet for a reason made me start to think. Never did she suggest I should change who I was, and that is one of the things that has helped me to make the changes I needed to make. One day I realized i could no longer do any fishing, and then I finally knew in my heart that I no longer wanted to eat an animal anymore, so  I became a vegetarian, and it was one of the best things I have ever done. I have had more energy and I felt lighter immediately and easily lost 30 pounds. Also, I had been having some bleeding issues and the doctors could never find the cause. But after changing my diet and giving up the meat, the bleeding stopped and hasn't returned. 

So, she has helped me improve my health, stop drinking, and learn to love myself again and stop beating myself up over various things. I still have an issue with a bad job, but I am better able to handle whatever comes up. Some days are a little rougher, and it is something I'm still working on. 

I know that I will probably still have to be strong to not go back to the drinking, but when I think of it, I hear her words in my head, and I feel the concern and caring. I know she has healed me many times, and she healed the drinking part, so I think I'll be okay with it. I thank God for people like Catherine and consider her as my Earth Angel, and I know we met for a reason and for that I am thankful. 

- Michel Levac

"Catherine has contributed so many wonderful skills, tips, and techniques to me and others who are healers. She is brilliant and knowledgeable and shares so much!!! Thank you Catherine. Xx"
- Pam Theokis Winter

"Catherine has been very helpful to me with regards to personal as well as group teachings. I appreciate what she has to say/tell very much."

- Jackie Burfield