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Q's and A's

If you have a question about anything on this site or something specific about a service or a topic related to this site, I'd be happy to answer it here. It's possible your question will be the same that several others will have, and if you present it, you will be helping them, also. 

Q:  How do I find a good Energy Healer?
A:  Most health food stores have bulletin boards where people can post their business cards, or places where they can leave flyers.  Many times those who work there will know someone they can recommend.  Bookstores, especially smaller, locally owned ones, can also be a good source.  Don't forget to check online, but not all qualified energy healers may be found there.
Before you go to a healer, give them a call first and get a feel for whether there seems to be a personality blend with yours.  Someone could be a good healer, but not be someone with whom you can work.  If your feelings are good, then go ahead and schedule an appointment.  I’m a firm believer that your own intuition is your best guide.

Q:  If herbs really work, why don’t doctors tell you to take them?

A:  In the past, doctors were only given one course on nutrition, so they really didn’t know that much about herbs. Plus, their training lies more with surgery and pharmaceuticals. Today, however, there are doctors who are learning the benefits that can be obtained from these natural remedies.  These holistic doctors are worth checking out.

Q: I got a reading from someone once who said I didn't seem to have any spirit guides. How can that be?

A: It can't. Each of us has spirit guides...never doubt it. I normally find a person has between three and five, although there can be more. 

Q:  In your blog on energy healing, you mentioned lines and centers. What are you referring to?

A:  The centers I referred to are chakras and the lines are meridians. We have quite a few major and minor chakras, but we normally just refer to the seven main ones that go from the base of the spine to the crown of your head. They appear to be swirling funnels of energy with the small end at the body and the wider end extending out several inches. Energy comes into our bodies through the chakras, and from there, travels throughout the rest of the body by way of the meridians. They are thin pathways running through various parts of the body.Think of the chakras as a bus depot and the meridians the routes the buses take to get to where they need to go. I will probably do a blog about chakras later.