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Roadside Assistance

From the time we are born until we check out of this grand hotel called Earth, we're on a journey, going from one destination to another. When we take a trip, we will usually need things like maps or a GPS unit and gasoline if we are driving, a decent motel, various types of eating places, luggage, sunglasses, a new tire, and a whole lot of other things. We will occasionally have a variety of issues to deal with and the going may not be so smooth at times. But one thing is a given, and that is on this long, winding journey called life, we WILL be having some traveling companions and some friends who will share parts of  it, and even though it is way more enjoyable to take a roadtrip with others, there will no doubt be times when we might have to go it alone. And in order to make our times with others work, we may need to learn a few new people skills here and there.  

Since I was a teen--no joke--and people began coming to me for advice, and then a few years later when they started asking for healings and such, I started to see myself as a sort of travel guide. I admit it's a very different way of looking at what I do, but hey, it fits. People need help in some way at every stage of their journey, myself included, and with the knowledge I have obtained and whatever wisdom I may have acquired, I am able to find my clients the best hotel or a 5-star restaurant, so to speak. 

The services I offer are designed to be exactly what you might need at various stages of your life, depending on your experiences to date, and the lessons already learned. Maybe you just need a little clarification about your next right action, or it could be you have made some great decisions yourself and you simply need validation that you are on the right path. Or possibly, you got totally lost when you took that unexpected detour and you can't figure out how to get back on the right highway headed in the right direction. 

And just like taking a trip, you could either contact a travel guide or map out everything by yourself, and the results will be wonderful no matter which way you choose. But wouldn't it be nice in today's hectic world if you didn't have to spend so much time checking everything out for yourself? How great would it be to find a travel guide who could give you information you had no knowledge about, and who truly had a deep desire to be of service? Read the testimonials and you'll see that getting that kind of help will absolutely pay off. 

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am absolutely the happiest and most content when I am able to make someone's life a bit easier and more fun. So, what that means is that anytime you need a few tips or suggestions or even a great deal of help, or maybe just a heart-felt conversation with someone who knows a few wonderful alternate routes and wants to share that information with you, I'll be here. 

Now understand this work may not be for everyone, but we'll know whether or not it will help you during our first half-hour introductory talk. The cost for that is FREE, so you have nothing to lose. 

So, put on your traveling clothes, shining ones. We've got some traveling to do. 

 12 Rules of the Road

Be courteous and polite.

Smile often--it helps you physically and mentally

Understand change is a certainty

Don't put yourself in the position of judge and jury

Live in the now

Appreciate what you have

Sometimes being silent is the smartest thing you can do

Forgive yourself as well as others

Find something that makes you laugh everyday

Don't compare yourself to others

Don't worry about the future

Follow your heart